• Duration 5-Day
  • Format Remote or On-Site, as per your convenience
  • Prerequisites A basic understanding of your organization's existing infrastructure and applications

Elevate Your Business to the Cloud: A Comprehensive 5-Day Workshop to Master Cloud Migration Strategies


The transition from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based solutions can be transformative, offering unmatched scalability, agility, and efficiency. However, cloud migrations can be complex and fraught with challenges. The Cloud Migration Strategy Workshop offered by DBGM Consulting, Inc. provides a structured approach to planning and executing your cloud migration, tailored to align with your organization’s unique requirements and goals.

Key Features

Infrastructure Documentation and Analysis

Understanding your existing infrastructure is the starting point of any successful migration. We’ll work with you to document and analyze your current systems, capabilities, and requirements.

Application and Data Mapping

A crucial step in migration is mapping your applications and data to optimal cloud architectures. This process ensures that you choose the right cloud models, whether they are IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, to suit your specific needs.

Phased Migration Plan

Transitioning to the cloud doesn’t happen overnight. We’ll help you develop a phased migration plan that balances various elements such as priorities, dependencies, and resources, mitigating risks and optimizing the transition process.

Target State Design

Based on the migration plan, we’ll help you define the target state for both your applications and infrastructure designs, offering blueprints for your future cloud architecture.

Actionable Recommendations

At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide you with a set of actionable recommendations to maximize the value of your cloud investments, offering insights into cost-saving strategies, governance models, and best practices for ongoing management.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business leaders looking to make informed decisions on cloud migration
  • IT managers and professionals responsible for leading cloud adoption initiatives
  • Teams from infrastructure, application development, and data management departments

Workshop Outcomes

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will:

  1. Have a comprehensive understanding of their existing infrastructure and how it maps to cloud-based solutions.
  2. Receive a detailed, phased migration plan, outlining the steps and considerations for a smooth transition.
  3. Acquire target state designs for applications and infrastructure, providing a vision for the end goal.
  4. Be equipped with actionable recommendations to optimize and maximize the value from their cloud investments.

How to Register?

At DBGM Consulting, Inc., our focus is on empowering organizations to make informed, strategic decisions about technology adoption and utilization. If you have any questions or require further details, our customer service team is readily available to assist you.