• Duration Custom (5+ Days)
  • Format Remote or On-Site, depending on your preference and needs
  • Prerequisites In-depth exposure to popular cloud platforms and architectural patterns

Modernize Your Applications for the Cloud: Transforming Monoliths into Scalable, Cloud-Native Architectures


The evolution from monolithic applications to scalable, cloud-native architectures is a critical step for organizations striving for agility and growth. However, this process requires intricate planning and a high level of expertise. The Cloud Application Re-Architecture service by DBGM Consulting, Inc. equips you with a comprehensive methodology and hands-on guidance to modernize your applications effectively.

Key Features

Architectural Assessment and Target State Definition

The first step in the re-architecture journey is assessing your existing application landscape. We help you analyze the current architecture and define the target state to guide the transformation.

Monolith to Microservices Transition

We provide strategies for breaking down monolithic systems into manageable microservices and containerized designs, which offer greater scalability and flexibility.

Stateless Component Optimization

Our experts guide you in optimizing stateless components of your application for automation and scalability, allowing you to take full advantage of cloud-native features.

Refactoring for Managed Services

Leverage the power of managed cloud services by refactoring your existing applications. We provide the knowledge and tools required to make this transition smooth and effective.

API-Driven Frontend Implementation

Modern applications often require web and mobile frontends. We assist in implementing API-driven frontends that are scalable and provide an excellent user experience.

Hands-On Architectural and Development Guidance

Throughout the process, our team provides hands-on guidance on architectural best practices and development techniques, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to maintain and evolve the new architecture.

Who Should Utilize This Service?

  • Organizations grappling with the complexities of modernizing legacy systems
  • IT leaders aiming to make their applications more agile and scalable
  • Development teams looking for expert guidance on best practices for cloud-native applications

Service Outcomes

Upon engagement, you can expect:

  1. A clearly defined target state for your cloud-native architecture.
  2. A set of best practices and methodologies for ongoing application management.
  3. Enhanced in-house capabilities for modern application development.
  4. A robust, scalable application landscape ready for future growth.

How to Engage?

DBGM Consulting, Inc. is committed to facilitating your successful transition to a cloud-native architecture. Should you have any questions or require additional information, our customer service team is here to assist you.