Cloud Migration Strategy Workshop

Migrating to the cloud delivers agility, scalability and efficiency. But without a solid strategy aligned to your environment, migration attempts can fail or provide limited value.

Our 5-day Cloud Migration Strategy Workshop provides a structured approach to planning your cloud adoption roadmap.

We’ll collaborate with you to:

  • Document and analyze your existing infrastructure and requirements
  • Map applications and data to optimal cloud architectures
  • Develop a phased migration plan balancing priorities, dependencies and resources
  • Define target state application and infrastructure designs
  • Provide actionable recommendations to maximize the value of your cloud investments

You’ll leave with clarity on your starting point, end goal, and sequenced steps to get there.

  • Length5-Day
  • FormatRemote or On-Site

Cloud Application Re-Architecture

Evolving monolithic applications into robust, scalable cloud-native architectures requires experience.

Our Cloud Application Re-Architecture service helps modernize apps the right way through:

  • Assessing existing architecture and defining target state
  • Migrating monoliths to microservices and containerized designs
  • Optimizing stateless components for automation and scalability
  • Refactoring to leverage managed cloud services
  • Implementing API-driven web/mobile frontends
  • Providing hands-on architectural and development guidance

With our deep expertise, you can future-proof apps for the cloud while avoiding pitfalls.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatRemote or On-Site

DevOps Implementation

Adopting DevOps brings faster delivery, higher reliability and lower risk. But cultural and process changes can be challenging without help.

Our DevOps experts become an extension of your team to:

  • Automate provisioning, deployment, testing and monitoring
  • Implement CI/CD pipelines with tools like Jenkins and Spinnaker
  • Adopt infrastructure-as-code tools like Terraform, Chef and Ansible
  • Instrument applications and infrastructure for monitoring
  • Facilitate collaboration across teams
  • Provide training to spread DevOps culture through your organization

With our hands-on guidance, you can achieve continuous delivery of high-quality software.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatRemote

Multi-Cloud Deployment

A multi-cloud strategy provides flexibility and bargaining power. But it also introduces management complexity.

Our Multi-Cloud Deployment service helps you:

  • Architect portable applications to run on any cloud
  • Provision resources consistently across providers
  • Implement centralized security and access controls
  • Automate workload placement and migration between clouds
  • Monitor and manage costs, performance and SLAs
  • Connect services across cloud endpoints

With our end-to-end guidance, you can overcome multi-cloud challenges to gain increased agility, resiliency and efficiency.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatOn-Site or Remote