Case Studies

Case Study 1: Migrating Company A to Modern Cloud-Based Endpoint Management

The Challenge

Company A is a large enterprise with approximately 10,000 managed Windows endpoints across their San Francisco headquarters and regional offices. They relied on on-prem System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for device management, but wanted to transition to a cloud-first model using Microsoft Intune and co-management.

Goals included:

  • Migrate Windows 10/11 devices from SCCM to cloud-based Intune management
  • Shift application packaging and deployment from SCCM to Intune
  • Enroll new devices via Intune Autopilot for streamlined rollout
  • Replace VPN and Group Policy for remote workers with Intune and Configuration Service Providers
  • Eventually manage most endpoints through Intune rather than SCCM

Our Approach

Working closely with Company A’s IT team, we:

  • Performed an assessment of their existing SCCM environment including pain points
  • Developed a phased migration plan balancing priorities, resources and risk tolerance
  • Architected the target state architecture and policies for Intune and Azure AD management
  • Migrated SCCM applications to Intune App Packaging for simplified delivery
  • Configured Autopilot for rapid deployment of new devices
  • Converted relevant Group Policies to Intune Configuration Profiles for compliant device settings
  • Established co-management to gradually shift workloads from SCCM to Intune

Throughout the engagement, we provided mentoring to upskill the client’s IT staff on Intune and modern management best practices.

The Results

The project successfully transitioned Company A’s device management from an on-prem SCCM model to a cloud-first approach powered by Intune.

  • 70% of Windows 10/11 devices now managed through Intune
  • Over 100 LOB apps migrated to Intune from SCCM
  • Autopilot shortened new device deployment from 4 hours to under 1
  • Intune compliance policies replaced 80% of relevant Group Policies
  • Client IT staff productivity and satisfaction increased thanks to cloud-simplified workflows

The client is now well-positioned to complete the transition to Intune and take advantage of continuous cloud-powered innovation.

Case Study 2: Enabling Company B to Innovate with AI

The Challenge

Company B is a medium enterprise interested in leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance internal business solutions. However, their IT team lacked skills and experience implementing and integrating AI technologies.

Goals included:

  • Educating IT staff on common AI techniques like machine learning and NLP
  • Providing hands-on experience with platforms such as OpenAI and TensorFlow
  • Demonstrating how to integrate AI APIs into applications and workflows
  • Sparking ideas for high-potential AI applications tailored to Company B’s business

Our Approach

We held a 5 day onsite AI training bootcamp for Company B’s IT team covering:

  • The AI/ML landscape including common algorithms and use cases
  • Working demos of real-world AI apps powered by advanced NLP and computer vision
  • Hands-on labs focused on core techniques like sentiment analysis and text summarization
  • Instruction on integrating leading AI platforms into various stacks like React and Node.js
  • Ideation exercises and discussions to identify top AI opportunities for product teams
  • Recommendations on governance, ethics and responsible AI design

Throughout the engagement, participants could book 1:1 clinics with our data scientists for personalized guidance.

The Results

The bootcamp empowered Company B’s IT team to get hands-on with applied AI and start building solutions.

  • 95% of attendees said they now felt confident explaining AI concepts to colleagues
  • 87% were able to integrate OpenAI APIs into sample apps after just 2 days
  • Over a dozen high-potential AI application ideas were identified and pitched to product teams
  • Management approved 3 participant-led AI PoCs to progress to prototyping
  • Participants averaged 4.8/5.0 satisfaction rating for the training format

With new skills and inspiration, the client is positioned to develop AI-powered solutions that create real business value.