Azure and Cloud Security Workshop

Migrating to the cloud creates new security and compliance considerations. Our 2-day workshop provides education to keep data protected.

We deliver:

  • An overview of the shared responsibility model and cloud security best practices
  • Deep dives into core Azure security capabilities like Sentinel, Defender and Key Vault
  • Interactive demos showcasing proper configuration of security tools
  • Scenario analyses exploring approaches to common cloud threats
  • Strategic planning focused on your specific security requirements

You’ll leave with the knowledge to architect robust cloud security and understand next steps.

  • Length2-Day
  • FormatRemote or On-Site

Compliance Consulting

Non-compliance with data regulations like GDPR and HIPAA leads to fines, lawsuits and reputational damage. Our consultants provide the expertise to avoid those risks through:

  • Assessing your compliance posture and identifying gaps
  • Recommending technical controls and policy changes
  • Integrating required protections into solutions proactively
  • Implementing automation to streamline auditing and reporting
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of the regulatory landscape

With our guidance, you can operate with confidence that all compliance requirements are fully met.

  • LengthCustom
  • FormatRemote or On-Site

Security Incident Response Planning

Despite best efforts, breaches will occur. Proper planning minimizes impact. Our consultants can help by:

  • Developing and documenting your overall incident response plan
  • Creating detailed response playbooks for breach scenarios
  • Establishing processes for threat monitoring, alerting and communications
  • Delivering simulations to practice executing response plans
  • Reviewing and refining plans in the aftermath of real incidents

Our goal is preparing your organization to rapidly detect threats and respond effectively.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatRemote
Security Computer

Identity and Access Management

Unmanaged access and identities create security risks and hinder compliance. We help you take control through:

  • Implementing federated identity with SSO
  • Automating provisioning/deprovisioning based on HR systems
  • Enforcing least privilege and separation of duties
  • Establishing access review and certification processes
  • Continuously auditing entitlements and activity
  • Providing managed IAM services if desired

With robust IAM managed by specialists, you can secure critical assets and reduce risk.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatOn-Site or Remote