Microsoft 365 Copilot Proof of Concept and Implementation Service

Transitioning to Microsoft 365 Copilot can significantly enhance productivity and collaboration within your organization. Our service ensures a smooth transition by:

  • Analyzing and identifying the potential impact and benefits of Microsoft 365 Copilot within your current technological ecosystem.
  • Designing and executing a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of Copilot.
  • Providing full-scale implementation and integration support for Microsoft 365 Copilot, ensuring seamless transition and operational efficiency.
  • Offering post-implementation support to ensure Copilot continues to meet organizational needs effectively.

You’ll leave with a solid base of knowledge to build on and resources to continue learning. The workshop concludes with actionable recommendations to start exploring AI opportunities relevant to your business.

  • LengthCustom (Dependent on the scope and requirements)
  • FormatOn-Site or Remote

AI Workshop - Introduction to AI/ML Concepts and Tools

Our AI Workshop provides the perfect starting point for your AI education. In an interactive learning environment, we cover:

  • Real-world examples of AI and ML transforming business and technology
  • An overview of common algorithms like regression, classification and clustering - no advanced math needed!
  • Explanations of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning approaches
  • Demos showcasing how algorithms work under the hood
  • Hands-on access to leading frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and SKLearn
  • Strategies for implementing AI solutions tailored to your organization’s needs

You’ll leave with a solid base of knowledge to build on and resources to continue learning. The workshop concludes with actionable recommendations to start exploring AI opportunities relevant to your business.

  • Length2-Day
  • FormatRemote

AI Chatbot Development Workshop

Chatbots are rapidly transforming customer service. But truly intelligent conversational agents require the right design strategies and AI techniques.

In our AI Chatbot Development Workshop, you’ll:

  • Master principles for creating seamless bot conversations with excellent UX
  • Train bots using state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP)
  • Build bots end-to-end with platforms like Dialogflow, Lex and Watson
  • Integrate bots with business systems via APIs and webhooks
  • Analyze bot performance using logs and dashboards
  • Deploy scalable bot infrastructures on cloud platforms

With hands-on labs and demos, you’ll gain in-demand skills for developing next-generation AI chatbots for customer service, sales and other uses.

  • Length2-Day
  • FormatRemote

AI for Business Process Automation

Manual business processes are increasingly inefficient. Our 1-day workshop explores how AI-powered automation can optimize workflows across departments.

We’ll cover:

  • Identifying processes ripe for automation based on real-world examples
  • How robotic process automation (RPA) works and where it can be applied
  • Using process mining to uncover automation opportunities
  • Live demonstrations of AI automating workflows like document processing
  • Adoption best practices including change management and user training

You’ll leave inspired with an automation roadmap to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve experiences across your organization.

  • Length1-Day
  • FormatRemote
Photo of a spacious conference room with a large screen displaying the title 'AI for Business Process Automation'. A diverse group of professionals, both men and women of various descents, are seated around a long table, discussing and reviewing documents related to AI integration in business processes. In the background, there are flowcharts and diagrams illustrating AI-driven automation workflows.

AI/ML Model Development

Many companies have valuable data but lack in-house skills to leverage it through AI. Our AI/ML Model Development service bridges that gap.

Our data scientists become an extension of your team to build custom models, handling:

  • Identifying high-potential AI/ML use cases
  • Preparing, labeling and validating training data
  • Selecting the optimal algorithms and iteratively developing models
  • Rigorously evaluating model performance against key metrics
  • Deploying models into applications and business processes
  • Monitoring predictions and retraining models to maintain accuracy

With our expertise, you can finally put your data to work solving real business problems with AI.

  • LengthCustom (5+ Days)
  • FormatOn-Site or Remote