Managing endpoints is growing ever more complex with remote work and proliferating device form factors. Legacy tools like Configuration Manager (MECM) can’t keep pace with today’s demands for automated, scalable management capabilities.

In this guide, we’ll explore how Microsoft’s modern Intune and Autopilot solutions can radically simplify endpoint management. By replacing fragmented tools with unified cloud services, IT teams can finally eliminate deployment hassles and secure any device.

Streamline Deployments with Autopilot

Windows Autopilot provides a game-changing, cloud-based approach to device deployment. Simply register new devices under your Azure AD tenant and assign desired profiles. When users power on the device, Autopilot fully configures Azure AD join, policies, apps, and settings automatically.

With Autopilot, there’s no need to physically touch or customize each device. Your team defines profiles centrally that get consistently applied to any auto-registered device, even remote units shipped directly to users. You can fully configure devices in minutes instead of hours or days.

Centralize Management with Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) provides unified management capabilities spanning Intune for cloud-connected devices and Configuration Manager for traditional on-prem systems.

Intune delivers robust management for Windows, iOS, Android, macOS devices all from a unified cloud console. Key capabilities like conditional access policies, app/update deployments, and device compliance monitoring help secure and control endpoints centrally.

Migrate to Modern Management

For organizations with Configuration Manager already, Microsoft provides multiple options to begin shifting towards Intune’s modern approach. These include moving specific workloads like co-management for shared oversight of Windows 10 devices.

You can also migrate end-to-end to Intune while retaining access to ConfigMgr reports and data. Our consultants can help assess the optimal path forward based on your environment and needs. The future of endpoint management is in the cloud.

Adopt Cloud-First for Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces new security requirements like TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot that ConfigMgr can’t deliver. The upcoming Intune support for Windows Autopilot Reset will allow self-healing devices that automatically restore compliant states.

With cloud-first management via Intune and Azure AD, you gain identity-driven security and productivity. Simplify licensing as well by consolidating ConfigMgr and Intune licenses into Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Drive Better Experiences and Security

Unifying endpoint management in the Microsoft cloud enables IT to securely support the new era of work from anywhere on any device. Intune and Autopilot reduce help desk tickets through self-service and automating deployments.

Users stay productive with seamless access to corporate resources. With robust cloud-based management, your organization can embrace BYOD and hybrid workstyles without compromising security. Don’t let legacy tools hold back your endpoint management capabilities. Engage with our Intune experts at DBGM to begin simplifying today.

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