David Maiolo

Founder & Principal Consultant
  • Since :

David Maiolo is the Founder and Principal Consultant at DBGM Consulting. He established the company in 2021 to help enterprise clients adopt innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud platforms.

David has over 15 years of experience architecting and implementing complex technology solutions. He graduated from Harvard University with a Master’s degree focused on machine learning and AI.

Previously, David served as a Senior Customer Engineer at Microsoft. During his 3 years there, he delivered over 30 workshops and consulting engagements to help companies across industries with cloud adoption, security, and digital transformation.

Highlights of David’s experience includes:

  • Leading development of cloud migration strategies for enterprises with up to 50,000 employees
  • Architecting robust cloud platforms on Azure leveraging PaaS and SaaS services
  • Building production machine learning models putting AI to work for global companies
  • Transforming legacy environments by containerizing apps, adopting DevOps, and upskilling teams on automation
  • Delivering hands-on security training to safeguard cloud deployments and comply with regulations
  • Providing ongoing managed services for cloud operations, infrastructure, and SaaS optimization

At DBGM Consulting, David enjoys the challenge of recommending solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs – combining his depth of technical expertise with an understanding of their business goals. When not helping clients innovate through technology, David can be found traveling to experience new cultures and capture them through photography.